How to Avoid Stress

The Question whether nutrition or stress is the most important factor in health has long been in dispute. However, both are most important, so it doesn’t matter.

Some people get away with poor diet if they are easy going, while others may survive the effects of stress through good diet. Others, who are not so fortunate in either case will suffer. If poor diet and stress are a dominant factor in their live, this will undoubtedly be a recipe for disaster.

On the other hand, if we get the diet right and are able to cope with stress, we are certain to thrive. If the other two key factors: regular exercise and minimizing exposure to chemicals are covered, we have the formula for excellent health.

Men and women who have never married die at younger ages than their married equivalents, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Single men between 25 and 64 years of age were approximately three times more likely to die than married men in the same age group, while single women in the 25 to 64 age group were approximately two-and-a-half times more likely to die than their married counterparts.
The higher rates of death were due to cancer, heart and other artery diseases, respiratory and digestive system diseases, car accidents, suicide and drugs.

Similarly, a recent seven year Swedish study found that middle-aged men who have recently endured high levels of emotional stress and have no-one to turn to for emotional support are three times as likely to die within several years as those who have ample supporting relationships.

So being single is a health hazard! Quips aside, there is considerable evidence to confirm this conclusion.

A Swedish study of 1,000 men, followed up from 50 to 70 years of age, found that one of the most important factors protecting them from disease and death, even after allowing for lifestyle factors like saturated fat r smoking, is the number outside of people that live under one roof! The more people you live with, the safer you are.
That’s why the family network is so important.

The second important factor is the amount of social contact that people have outside the home. In other words, the number of people in our lives is likely to be of major significance in our well being and survival.

Dr Dean Ornish of the University of California, made the observation of people with heart disease that, “underneath their differences they felt a sense of isolation from parts of themselves and their own feelings, isolation from other people and isolation from a higher force, whatever that meant to them.”]

Dr Robert Buist in ‘The Cholesterol Myth’, adds: “Ornish’s support groups quickly focussed on the concept that anything that promotes intimacy and communication is healing, while isolation, alienation and loneliness are probably among the great predictors of heart disease.”

If we are not fortunate enough to be part of a big family, we can keep regular contact with friends and relatives. Or in the absence of those, we can join a social group or sporting club.

And when we look at the bright side of employment, instead of whingeing and moaning about having to go to work as we sometimes do, we can appreciate the fact that the emotional support of being part of a team may be second only to the family in satisfying a major need that keeps us alive and well.

Know Of The Benefits Of Taking Natural Herbal Medicines

Natural herbal medicines have been a part of the medicine world for a long time, and different cultures have used them in various ways. Some people use them for therapeutic purposes while others use them for medicinal purposes. The use of herbs is widely known to be safe because the ingredients are natural hence have very minimal to no side effects when they are taken. Nowadays, different doctors are advocating for the use of herbal medicine to treat various conditions and also for the well-being and the health of the body.

Herbal medicines come in the form of tablets, capsules, teas, tinctures, syrup, oils and also powders, and each of them has different ways into which it is used to benefit the body. The ingredients are extracted from plant roots, leaves, stems or even leaves and then used naturally while they are active.

The main purpose of natural herbal medicines is to help the body return to its normal state so that it can be restored whole. Different herbs when taken will work differently in the body systems and hence bring the desirable healing effects. The benefits of taking herbal supplements include:

· Restores the body’s natural balance and health in cases where the body is sick or has low immunity. They work by boosting the immune system function and also promote the well being of the body before any illness sets in.

· Improve cardiovascular health and circulation as they lower the cholesterol levels in the body and also the blood pressure by ensuring that the blood vessels are wide open, and blood circulation is good.

· Opens up the respiratory system, hence very minimal chances of getting colds,flu, allergies, coughs or tuberculosis.

· Used to improve memory as they improve blood circulation to the brain.

· Natural herbal medicines are used to reduce anxiety, depression, exhaustion, stress, insomnia and also irritability as they help your nerves calm down by increasing the melatonin in the body hence the body relaxes and you get to sleep easily.

· Prevent motion sickness, nausea and stomach upsets as they act by blocking serotonin a chemical that is produced by the stomach and brain and causes stomach upsets and nausea. Some will also improve your metabolism.

· Treat persistent illnesses such as migraines, headache and also burns.

· Some of them have antioxidant properties which, when taken will reduce the radical cells in the body that cause toxic effects in the body such as cancer, diabetes.

· Reduce inflammation in the body, hence reduces the chances of getting inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis.

For maximum benefits of herbal medicines, different herbs can be:

· Added to your cooking as spices or marinating foods so as to add flavor.

· Mixed with your drinking water or tea as a single herb or mixed with other herbs

· Taken as a whole before eating or traveling either as capsules or tablets.

· Buy only from reputable herbalists and doctors as they know which offer the maximum benefit to the body.

· You can alternatively grow some of these herbs in your garden and ensure that they are readily available when you need them.

Natural herbal medicines cannot be used in cases where the conventional drugs are supposed to be used. It is important to seek medical advice before taking any herbal drugs while taking the conventional drugs so as to avoid any adverse effects on the body. The herbal medicines can also be bought over the counter, but it is also good to consult your doctor so as to get the correct dosage and also the exact type of drug for the particular ailment that you have. It is also good to be in the know of which type of herb you are taking, so ask before taking.

Health Benefits of Taking Tea

Oolong tea is a customary Chinese tea that has the great characteristics of both the dark tea and the green tea. As the leaves of oolong tea are somewhat oxidized subsequently they have a fruity flavor with charming fragrance. Oolong tea is considered to give various medical advantages that just make it prevalent among tea experts. Taking into account the technique for generation, handling and level of aging distinctive styles of oolong tea may have diverse flavors. Individuals can without much of a stretch from driving suppliers in their towns or urban communities.

The medical advantages of this tea can without much of a stretch be outlined underneath:

1. Taking some this tea frequently can decrease stoutness. The polyphenol present in this tea checks the fat digestion system and improves the capacity of fat cells in the body. Along these lines individuals who need to shed pounds can without much of a stretch take this tea after an elevated cholesterol dinner.

2. Free radicals that are created from cell digestion system or from outside sources may bring about tumor, diabetes, rheumatoid joint inflammation, atherosclerosis, stroke, neurodegeneration, and others. Polyphenols present in oolong tea go about as intense cell reinforcements and aides in the evacuation of hurtful free radicals.

3. Drinking this tea day by day can help you keep up a sound skin and keep it free from allergens and ceaseless skin issues. Logical investigations have demonstrated that patients experiencing dermatitis or other skin infection have profited a ton from drinking some of this tea day by day. One can without much of a stretch purchase this tea online and experience attractive and durable changes inside six months of utilization.

4. This tea has been found to control the measure of glucose and insulin and consequently checks the sudden plunges, in this manner being useful for the treatment of sort 2 diabetes. A study has observed that when consolidated with hyperglycemic drugs, diabetic patients can without much of a stretch keep the glucose level adjusted.

5. This tea with fruity flavor and solid fragrance invigorates the purchasers. This has been observed to be an incredible anxiety buster as the normally happening polyphenol and L-theanine found in tea leaves ties to those destinations that produce energy and expanded subjective movement prompting diminish in anxiety.

6. People who take tea consistently particularly green tea or oolong tea has the lower danger of getting skin malignancy. The danger of bosom growth and colorectal tumor additionally gets diminished because of devouring this tea routinely.

Considering all the aforementioned medical advantages, it can be securely said that taking oolong tea routinely is the best alternative with regards to selecting an invigorating drink. So make it a point to purchase this tea online from an all around presumed supplier and experience the distinction.

What Are The Benefits Of Organic Supplements?

Being healthy is important for each person and one way is by eating healthy balanced meals that have the essential nutrients to keep our bodies fit. However, there are times one is forced to take supplements so that they can ensure that they are giving the body the required nutrients. The best organic supplements provide nutrients in their natural form, and they contain many vitamins and minerals. The most common types of organic supplements are the green food concentrates and antioxidants that are derived from foods that are nutrient rich.

Organic supplements come in various forms such as tablets, capsules, teas, powders, tinctures and extracts which can be used differently. The natural supplements will contain herbs which have been used by many people in various ways. Herbal supplements are

There are various benefits that are associated with taking herbal supplements rather than taking artificial supplements. Some of these benefits include:

· The body readily absorbs the nutrients contained in the organic supplements faster than artificial supplements. They are also broken down easily so that they can function well in the body because of their slow release properties and by the time they are excreted from the body, they have had significant benefits in the body.

· They contain no side effects since they don’t have any chemical additives or by-products which may be toxic to the body. These supplements are very healthy to the body.

· The best supplements that are organic have high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which are natural body nourishment, and they boost the function in the body and improve the overall health of an individual.

· They are safe to use because they don’t contain any harmful chemical such as synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides that are a threat to the environment. The organic supplement manufacturers will not use any chemicals in their produce, hence there is less of mercury, aluminium, and lead.

· Taking organic supplements help in lowering the stress levels in an individual. Most supplements have herbs that naturally work in the body by reducing stress and anxiety levels. This helps one have a balanced emotional status.

· They also help fight diseases within the body and lessen the chance of infection of bacteria, fungi, and other viruses. Maintain the health of the skin, colon function and managing the bowel movements. The supplements work by strengthening the immune system of the body and also facilitate the body functions.

· The best organic supplements ensure that you have a healthy heart as some herbs contain ingredients which will lower the cholesterol levels in the body. This will ensure that the body functions well and also regulates the blood pressure in the body

· For the women, they are very beneficial due to hormonal changes that occur during menstruation, pregnancy menopause or breastfeeding. The supplements will cover for any deficiencies during these times and ensure that the changes are kept in control.

When choosing the organic supplements, make sure that you check what ingredients are used, and you know them. Some supplements contain synthetic ingredients which may be harmful to the body. The ingredients in the organic supplements are mostly made from fruits and vegetables. However, you should not take a lot of organic supplements as they may cause harm to the body. Consult your doctor before taking any organic supplements if you are also taking any other kinds of medicine to avoid adverse effects when both drugs are mixed.

Always get your these supplements from certified sellers so that you get the best quality for your money. Get a brand that is well known not to manufacture fake organic drugs.